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Timothy R. Ferguson

Timothy R. Ferguson joined ranks with the Noble Law firm in August 2015. He adds a distinguished level of expertise in private company executive compensation, helping both individuals and companies configure ideal compensation plans.

Ferguson’s top priority is always to maximize his client’s potential benefits and minimize risk. He has in-depth knowledge of complex equity and option plans, and he is dedicated to surpassing industry standards. He also offers a unique ability to think both critically and creatively and is committed to client outcomes.

Ferguson has helped businesses with company formation, contracts drafting and negotiation, governance documents, structuring debt and equity financing, entity formation, control disputes and strategy, complex scenario and risk analysis, motive and leverage assessment, and contingency event planning since 2005.

Over the last few years Ferguson has:

  • Led negotiations for client on a stock repurchase and 5-year multi-suit shareholder oppression and global litigation settlement
  • Aided several clients in creating and updating various governing and plan documents, including compensation committee charters, audit committee charters, severance plans, stockholders agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, etc.
  • Analyzed audit and appraisal documentation and identified various claims related to stock options in litigation dispute, and coordinated efforts of forensic accountants, tax counsel, and litigators
  • Cooperated with clients’ internal finance and executive function with respect to stock option and restricted stock issuances, 83(b) filings, Form D filings, etc. and reporting to auditors, investors, and appraisers
  • Structured CEO deferred compensation package to be compliant with 409A
  • Analyzed 9-figure business valuation reports in litigation dispute involving ESOP issuance and assisted litigation counsel in preparing Q&A for deposition of appraisers
  • Conducted war gaming initiatives and strategic scenario analyses for clients involved in litigation disputes, insolvency crises and creeping change of control scenarios

Ferguson also lectures at NC State where he discusses the ins and outs of pharmaceutical and business law.


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