[Audio Blog] Workplace Retaliation in New York

This week, New York employment attorney and The Noble Law partner Cathryn Harris-Marchesi explains what protections New York employees have against retaliation in the workplace.

New York state law encourages employees to come forward in the event that they are experiencing or witnessing discrimination in their workplace. If an employee feels as if they are experiencing unfairness or discrimination in the workplace, they can make a verbal or written complaint to their employer’s internal Human Resources without fear of retaliation, even if the initial complaint does not lead to further action. In the case that an employer does not have internal Human Recourses, and employee can submit their verbal or written complaint to their direct supervisor. Protections against retaliation extend to employees who act as witnesses to an act of discrimination, as well as the employee who is directly experiencing workplace discrimination.

Are you experiencing retaliation due to participation in a workplace complaint?

If you believe you have been wrongfully treated in your workplace or have been terminated due to retaliation, reach out by scheduling a consultation in your area. We provide videoconferencing consultations for individuals in New York and North Carolina. To get in touch, call our Charlotte office at 704.626.6648, Triangle office at 919.251.6008, or New York office at 212.662.6500. Additionally, you can schedule your consultation online on our website for New York or North Carolina.

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