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Why Systematic Change is Needed in North Carolina Concerning Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Part 3 of 4)

PART 3: GRASPING ADDITIONAL SETBACKS FACED BY WORKPLACE HARASSMENT VICTIMS AND HOW EMPLOYERS UNFAIRLY BENEFIT By: Nick Sanservino, Jr. & Laura Noble, The Noble Law Firm   OTHER PROBLEMS CONFRONTING WORKPLACE HARASSMENT VICTIMS 1. Confidentiality & Non-Disparagement Agreements Employers certainly want to avoid paying substantial damages for sexual harassment. However, an employer’s business can be damaged even more significantly by adverse publicity resulting from workplace […]


Why Systematic Change is Needed in North Carolina Concerning Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Part 2 of 4)

PART 2: UNDERSTANDING HOW NORTH CAROLINA EMPLOYMENT LAW IS APPLIED IN SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES Part 2 of 4 – Why Systematic Change is Needed in North Carolina Concerning Sexual Harassment in the Workplace By: Nick Sanservino, Jr. & Laura Noble,The Noble Law Firm NORTH CAROLINA EMPLOYMENT LAW ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT Workplace harassment is prohibited under state law by the North Carolina […]


Why Systemic Change is Needed in North Carolina Concerning Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Part 1 of 4)

WHY SYSTEMIC CHANGE IS NEEDED IN NORTH CAROLINA CONCERNING SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE Part 1 of 4 By: Nick Sanservino, Jr. & Laura Noble, The Noble Law Firm Nick Sanservino, Jr. has almost 20 years of experience practicing employment law. Prior to joining The Noble Law Firm in 2010, he worked at two of the nation’s largest and most respected management-side […]


DON’T “Take This Job and Shove It”

DON’T “Take This Job And Shove It” One of these days I’m gonna’ blow my top And that sucker, he’s gonna’ pay Lord I can’t wait to see their faces When I get the nerve to say Take this job and shove it I ain’t working here no more . . . Johnny Paycheck, “Take This Job And Shove It” […]


The Noble Law Firm’s Josh Kalish Named to NC Lawyers Weekly’s 2017 “Unsung Legal Heroes”

The Noble Law Firm’s Director of Marketing and Client Services Josh Kalish has been named to North Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s Class of 2017 of “Unsung Legal Heroes,” a recognition program honoring law firm staffers across the state for their dedication to duty. Josh was recognized as a Legal Marketing Professional honoree, one of eight professional categories the new program celebrates. […]


Clarity Needed for Definitions of Sexual Harassment on the Sidelines and on the Bench

  With all of the public episodes of sexual harassment allegations and improper conduct coming to light this year – from Harvey Weinstein, Senator Al Franken to Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, one of the most remarkable disconnects seems to be the struggle for defined standards.  Greater clarity for what constitutes sexual harassment would reduce confusion of improper behavior in […]


Laura Noble Calls for Change in Sexual Harassment Legislation

Clear Legal Guidelines Needed for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace In the wake of several high-profile public accusations of sexual harassment and assault stemming from the “Me too” movement, The Noble Law Firm founder and employment attorney Laura Noble cautions that this vindication for accusers is not the norm. “It doesn’t usually work that way for people who are not […]


Sexual Harassment: 10 Things You May Not Know

About the Author     Laura Noble is an Employment Attorney and Managing Partner of The Noble Law Firm, with offices in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Charlotte. NC.  She is a former Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn and has defended victims of sexual harassment and rape in the workplace.  Laura Noble is available as to serve as legal expert on workplace sexual […]

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Timothy in office over shoulder

An Inside Look into Executive Equity Compensation, with Tim Ferguson

We sat down with our own Tim Ferguson at The Noble Law to discuss some of the strategies top-earning executives use to negotiate their equity-based compensation. Tim’s background includes negotiating equity compensation disputes, contracts, structuring debt and equity financing, advising on control disputes, as well as analyzing stock options in litigation dispute. He shared some insights into improving negotiated executive […]


Executive Order

I applaud Governor McCrory’s executive order urging legislators to correct the part of HB2 that eliminated access to state courts for employees fired for discriminatory reasons. The Governor’s statement is reassuring to both employees and employers that this is a state that values equal employment opportunities in the workplace. I look forward to legislation by the General Assembly that ensures […]