Attorney Nicholas Sanservino Defends Nursing Student In Sexual Harassment Case

Noble Law employment law attorney Nicholas Sanservino is in the news as part of an ongoing sexual harassment case involving the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 

Autumn Davis claims to have been dismissed from nursing school after reporting sexual harassment. Davis sued in state and federal court after she was dismissed a month before graduation. Her lawsuit is supported by the Time’s Up movement legal fund. 

Nicholas Sanservino filed a motion asking that the North Carolina Department of Justice withdraw from defending the two nursing school leaders involved in the case. He argues that the two acted outside of their duties as state employees in their dealings with Davis. This state lawsuit also alleges that when Davis reported her supervisor’s conduct, specifically pushing his erect penis against her while she worked, that school administrators asked her “are you sure you want to make this type of complaint?” Davis also alleges that both women attempted to intimidate her into withdrawing the complaint.

One of the nursing school officials, Dr. Nancy Shedlick, said in her deposition that Davis complained of being sexually harassed following a negative review from her supervisor. However, the new deposition filed by Sanservino as part of the motion shows that Davis has complained to Shedlick, prior to the unsatisfactory evaluation. 

Davis’ allegations include claims that her male supervisor at WakeMed Raleigh asked her to strip, made lewd comments about female patients under anesthesia, and pushed his erect penis against her. 

The attorney general’s office is reviewing the motion and a hearing on the motion is scheduled for the near future.

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We also have more general information regarding sexual harassment on our Workplace Harassment page. If you are being sexually harassed at work and are in need of legal representation, contact The Noble Law today.

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