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Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

Becoming pregnant should be a wonderful time in your life. Unfortunately, the workplace can sometimes be filled with potential pitfalls that must be carefully managed to keep your career on track. Here at The Noble Law employment law firm, we specialize in advocating for marginalized employees. If you believe you have experienced pregnancy discrimination, contact one of our employment attorneys for a consultation today.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can show its ugly face in different forms:

  • Being sidelined from important projects
  • Excluded from key travel events
  • Delays in promotions or raises
  • Condescending attitudes or invasion or personal space
  • Unwanted reduced hours or responsibilities
  • Reassignment of position or even termination

If you are pregnant and concerned about potential pregnancy discrimination, we would suggest meeting with one of our employment attorneys to discuss a strategy that makes sense for you and your career goals. An attorney from our employment law firm can advise you how and when to disclose your pregnancy, suggest the most appropriate protocols for reporting discrimination in the workplace, as well as explain the legal options that you have should the situation becomes adversarial.

Illegal, toxic, and unethical workplace behaviors marginalize employees. We offer legal advice and representation to help you restore your dignity, defend your compensation, and move towards closure.


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