We represent individuals experiencing problems in their employment relationship. These often involve an employee who has suffered sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation at the workplace but also include a range of other issues such as reviewing and drafting employment contracts or counseling a departing employee. Areas of employee representation include:


Noble Law has a highly effective legal consulting practice that improves the employee practices of businesses. We believe that profitable and well-managed business are vital for a functioning economy and society. Everyone benefits when the employer and employee relationship is working well. Most businesses want to be principled in their relationships with their employees and want to implement practices that are effective, straight-forward and practical. The Noble Law Firm works as a trusted partner with companies to execute “best practices” in their employee relations.  These practices not only minimize litigation risk but they also tend to improve company recruitment, retention and employee morale.  We work with companies on  to meet their needs whether it is to address a “crisis” situation or develop an up-to-date employment practices program.  We offer our company clients both a regular hourly billable rate as well as alternative billing such as flat fees and monthly rates.

Types of Legal Services:

  • Internal Investigation of an employee complaint of unlawful employment practices (e.g. discrimination, harassment)
  • Legal audits and analysis to review compliance with basic state and federal laws
  • Development and implementation of “best practices” systems including custom designed handbooks, forms, checklists and procedures
  • Interactive and effective management and employee training
  • Monitoring of employment law developments and provision of timely updates and other “concierge” services
  • Business tort litigation