Employee Rights

We counsel and advocate on behalf of employees at every stage of the employment process.   A particularly important time to consult with us is before signing an employment contract or non-competition agreement with a new employer.   Of course, starting a new job is always a positive and exciting experience which is precisely why you want an independent review of your agreements.  Often times, we uncover areas of misunderstanding or vagueness in these documents that, once fixed, can prevent problems down the line. 

However, other situations we become involve in are less than positive.  It can be a difficult environment in the workplace as more employees are asked to remain productive and efficient with less resources.  Sometimes in stressful environments oversight and compliance with employment laws falls to the wayside.  When employers are not paying attention to their policies, some employees can find themselves harmed by the wrongful acts of certain co-workers and/or managers.  That is when we get involved to help employees navigate the situation and develop a course of action to achieve their goals. 



Counseling New & Departing Employees

Many times employees’ rights are substantially affected because they did not negotiate favorable terms at the beginning or did not follow the right steps prior to leaving.Read More

Employment Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is against the law, but it happens every day. If an employer or potential employer has discriminated against you on the basis of race, gender, creed, national origin, religion or sexual orientation, we can help. Read More

Sexual Harassment

Has someone done something inappropriate that made you uncomfortable at work? If a supervisor or co-worker says or does anything “creepy,” such as flirting, touching, or comments of a sexual nature, we can help you take steps to protect your boundaries. Read More

Wrongful Discharge

We have helped many employees fight back against unfair dismissal. If you believe that you were fired without good cause—or if your employer did not give you a chance, you do have recourse.Read More

Family and Medical Leave

If pregnancy, illness, out-of-work injuries or your family situation have rendered you temporarily unable to work, do not assume that your job is automatically protected. You need to know the steps you are responsible for taking in order to stay employed.Read More

Negligent Hiring and Supervision

Has your job become unreasonably stressful? Are you under pressure to meet goals or perform tasks that were not part of the original agreement when you were hired? We can help you rectify the situation.Read More


If you have recently filed a complaint or report, the law provides specific protection against retaliation. It is important that you understand what the law defines as retaliation and how it applies in your situation.Read More

Wage and Hour Disputes

Our team can help you collect unpaid wages, overtime hours, or project-based contract payments. If you believe that you have been misclassified as an independent contractor and denied benefits as a result, you may be able to receive compensation.Read More

Defamation (Libel and Slander)

If you have been denied employment due to a negative reference from a past employer, you may be able to entitled to a settlement.Read More

Whistleblower Rights

You have the legally-protected right to report activity that is illegal, discriminatory, unhealthy, or that violates the rights of anyone in your workplace. You do have the right to speak up if something isn’t right at your workplace.Read More


A written contract such as a “non-compete,” “non-competition agreement,” or “covenant not to compete” is often executed at the beginning of an employer-employee relationship. Read More