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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

What makes The Noble Law a different (and we think better) employment law firm? We work with our clients in ways that traditional law firms don’t. When you call, we answer the phone and you will speak with one of our in-house intake specialists. You won’t be speaking with a call center in Phoenix or mocked by a Chat-Bot.

We also know that you probably didn’t want to have to review employment law firms on the internet today. Unless you got an amazing job offer and want us to review your new employment agreement, you probably have had a crappy day. Or week. Or month. We are truly empathetic to people experiencing workplace harassment, workplace discrimination, retaliation or other misconduct at work, and we understand that is why you are calling us. You can begin the process here, by scheduling a consultation.

Yes, we are one of the largest employment law firms in North Carolina. All of our employment attorneys have more than 15 years of experience. We are also people that have the skills and desire to help people struggling at work or that have been wrongfully terminated. So while you may find some of the usual “serious attorney with arms folded” pictures, here’s what we look like behind the scenes…


The Noble Law offers legal advice and consultations on employment issues in-person, through video, and by phone. The first step is to call the office in your area.
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