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Cicero Love -Senior Litigation Paralegal

Cicero Love

Senior Litigation Paralegal

Cicero Love joined The Noble Law in 2014 as an experienced paralegal. Cicero has a very strong background in criminal justice and employment law with over 15 years of legal research in appellate courts across the country. His passion for the law and advocating for our clients are evident from the moment you first meet him, and we are proud to have him as part of our employment law firm’s team.

Cicero works side-by-side with the firm’s employment attorneys to onboard new clients, conduct legal research, and prepare the documentation that moves the matter forward. He works across a broad spectrum of clients and legal issues to keep our employment law firm’s preparation ahead of schedule.  His diligence and persistence are legendary at The Noble Law.

Cicero is often the first point of contact for new clients coming into the firm. They rely on his keen memory to keep them abreast of all of the advancements on their particular case. He is often complimented on his calm, measured approach to tense employment disputes, as well as his ability to explain complex litigation proceedings to his clients.


  • B.S., Eastern Michigan University (Political Science, Criminal Justice)


  • Legal Researcher
  • Ohio Supreme Court
  • Michigan Supreme Court
  • Tennesee, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia federal courts


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