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Our Winston-Salem Practice

Winston-Salem stands as a vibrant city in North Carolina, embodying significant growth and development. With a focus on fostering a thriving business environment, Winston-Salem has transformed into an attractive center for enterprises. As part of our commitment to serving this dynamic region, our employment law firm’s partners actively engage in discussions about cultivating and sustaining a competitive and equitable workplace that aligns with both state and federal employment laws.

Recognizing the evolving economic landscape of North Carolina, our Winston-Salem presence is strategically positioned to cater to the legal needs arising from the state’s increasing business allure. The attorneys at The Noble Law, frequently share their insights as speakers on topics related to executive compensation negotiations, severance agreements, non-compete clauses, and workplace discrimination.

Since its establishment, The Noble Law has staunchly advocated for fairness in the workplace. We firmly believe that issues such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation against whistleblowers, compensation disparities, and unfair severance agreements are detrimental to both employers and employees. Our legal team possesses a profound understanding of North Carolina employment law and has a wealth of experience representing diverse clients.

We are dedicated to comprehending the unique circumstances of each client and guiding them through their legal options. Whether you seek to restore your dignity, protect your compensation, or pursue resolution with another employment attorney, our goal is to support you. No one should endure feeling unsafe or threatened at work, and as employment attorneys, we are committed to ensuring that workplaces in Winston-Salem and throughout North Carolina adhere to legal standards, including those related to workplace harassment and discrimination.

If you are interested in submitting information regarding a legal matter, please use the secure form on the consultations page.

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Part of our job as an employment law firm is to educate our Winston-Salem community on issues involving employment law, including labor relations, workplace discrimination, wages, and more. You can find these resources on our Employment Law Resources page.

We also provide extensive video resources aimed at giving employers, executives, and employees a general understanding of employment law, which you can find on our Employment Law 101 Videos page

Our employment law firm and employment law attorneys present often at conferences and other events, and you can follow our Noble Notes to see what is happening here at The Noble Law.


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