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Employment Mediation

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Laura Noble is a certified mediator who concentrates her mediation practice in employment law. Before becoming a mediator, Laura was a litigator for 25 years with diverse experience in civil litigation, counseling, and negotiation. As an employment attorney, she has litigated on behalf of individuals with employment law claims and has acted as a trusted partner to business clients seeking advice, counsel, or neutral workplace investigations. Additionally, as a business owner herself, she understands the challenges of balancing company interests with the concerns of an individual who believes they may have been mistreated at work.

The distinctive benefit of mediation is that it allows the parties to select someone with specialized experience to help them resolve their dispute.  Given her extensive background in employment law litigation, Laura can provide parties with insight about the challenges of litigation as they consider a compromised resolution in lieu of litigation. As someone who’s participated in countless mediations during her career Laura brings perseverance and creative problem-solving to the table. She uses her deep understanding of employment disputes to facilitate discussions that lead to effective dispute resolution.

Exclusively Mediates Employment Law Disputes

The Noble Law is recognized for our competence and integrity in our practice of employment law. Laura brings those same qualities when she serves as an impartial third-party mediator to resolve employment disputes. She provides effective employment law mediation services to negotiate a mutually agreed-upon resolution to disputes involving:

Laura Noble’s Mediation Style and Philosophy

Because The Noble Law focuses on employment law disputes, we understand your situation and what the case means to you. We also know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and that mediation is an interactive process. Allowing each party to have an opportunity to be heard and address what may be a hidden driver of the conflict goes a long way toward a successful resolution. At The Noble Law, we remain neutral while helping the parties address and deconstruct the issues to reach an agreement on the points that matter most to them.

What to Expect from a Mediation with Laura Noble

The Noble Law offers in-person and virtual mediation for employment law matters. When you call our office with a mediation inquiry, our trained staff members will be your consistent point of contact for ease of communication and you’ll be able to clearly see what goes on, even in a mediation from the plaintiff’s perspective. Our team provides online scheduling, a secure document upload portal, and downloadable client agreements to make planning your mediation as smooth as possible.




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