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Hire an experienced external investigator.

If you run a Fortune 500 company, nonprofit, or municipality, and you face claims of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, you should consider hiring a professional third-party workplace investigator.

Our Managing Partner and Litigation Attorney are AWI Certificate Holders and members of the Association of Workplace Investigators. AWI is a professional membership association for those who conduct and manage workplace investigations.

At The Noble Law, our deliver timely and trusted advice for workplace complaints.  We conduct comprehensive, objective investigations ensuring that employers can have confidence that the findings are credible and free from accusations of bias that internal investigations sometimes experience.  The Noble Law workplace investigators bring the legal knowledge, interviewing skills, legal analysis, and comprehensive report findings to workplace investigations relating to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and whistleblower policies, among others.

When you need trusted counsel for workplace disputes, The Noble Law is uniquely positioned to help. Through independent investigations, we provide a reliable understanding of the facts, assess risk, and provide legal guidance for addressing the issues at hand as well as best practices moving forward. Our experienced attorneys provide legal services in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Even the most well-managed organizations are not exempt from employee workplace complaints. Unbiased workplace investigations play a crucial role in resolving disputes, preventing legal issues, and fostering a culture of trust and respect. 

At The Noble Law, we specialize in providing comprehensive workplace investigations services in Charleston. Our experienced attorneys act as impartial, third-party investigators for companies, organizations, and municipalities. To learn more on how we can help, contact a Charleston workplace investigations attorney at The Noble Law today. 

Handling Sensitive Workplace Issues 

Amid workplace investigations, sensitive issues require careful handling. These emotionally charged situations can have a profound impact on everyone involved.  

Workplace investigations may be initiated in response to a wide range of issues, including:   

  • Allegations of harassment and discrimination 
  • Instances of fraud 
  • Claims of wrongful or retaliatory termination 
  • Ensuring compliance with Title IX regulations 
  • Disability accommodations 
  • Whistleblower allegations 
  • Concerns related to substance abuse 

With the guidance of a skilled employment law attorney, these complex allegations can be effectively addressed, ensuring a comprehensive and lawful resolution. 

Why a Third-Party Workplace Investigations Attorney is Necessary 

 In Charleston, a workplace investigations attorney serves as a crucial ally and advocate for both employers and employees navigating workplace disputes. A fundamental aspect of a third-party workplace investigation is the essential role it plays in protecting the rights of both parties. 

The role of a workplace investigations attorney is crucial for several reasons:  

  • Legal Guidance and Compliance Assurance: At The Noble Law, our workplace investigations attorneys provide clear guidance on the legal aspects of investigations, ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and that they are in compliance with the law.
  • Risk Assessment: An attorney will conduct thorough risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential legal pitfalls, ensuring a smooth and lawful investigation process. 
  • Objectivity: A third party brings an objective perspective to the investigation, free from bias or personal interests. This is particularly important when addressing allegations such as workplace harassment, discrimination, or fraud.

The concerns regarding real or perceived bias in workplace investigations are not to be taken lightly, as they can undermine the credibility of the entire process. Bias can lead to mistrust, employee dissatisfaction, and potential legal ramifications.  

By outsourcing an investigation to an external party, an organization highlights its commitment to ethical conduct and signals to employees that it values fairness and transparency. Additionally, an organization can be protected from costly lawsuits and reputational damage. 

Conducting The Investigation  

A thorough and impartial workplace investigation involves several key components. These include:  

  • Review of Misconduct Claims: This initial step entails carefully examining the allegations or complaints brought forward by employees or other relevant parties. It involves understanding the nature of the misconduct, identifying the individuals involved, and gathering information to guide the investigation process effectively. 
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Respecting the confidentiality and privacy of everyone involved in the investigation is crucial. Creating a safe and secure environment where employees feel comfortable sharing information without fear of retaliation is essential for obtaining candid responses and fostering trust in the process. 
  • Rigorous Evidence Gathering: This critical phase involves collecting comprehensive evidence, including interviews, documents, and other relevant information to help build a complete picture of the situation.
  • Drafting Investigation Reports: After completing the investigation, your attorney will craft a comprehensive report and present a summarized oral presentation. This will outline the key findings, analysis, and recommendations, helping the employer make informed decisions about disciplinary actions, policy changes, or other necessary steps.  

We follow proven best practices to conduct workplace investigations quickly and efficiently, aiming to prevent further escalation of issues and minimize risks for your organization. The main goal is a just outcome for all parties involved. 

Contact a Third-Party Workplace Investigation Attorney Today  

While internal staff may be suitable for handling certain workplace investigations, employers should be mindful of situations where the expertise of external investigators would be beneficial. Trust The Noble Law to conduct thorough and impartial investigations that prioritize fairness and integrity in resolving workplace disputes, while also ensuring the credibility and morale of your organization are upheld. 

Organizations that prioritize these principles are better poised for success, earning the trust and loyalty of their employees. Speak with us today by calling our office location to discuss your investigation needs and learn more about how we can assist you. 

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Confidential, Credible, and Unbiased Workplace Investigations

In addition to conducting workplace investigations, The Noble Law also represents employees in cases involving unlawful employment practices. If you are interested in speaking with a workplace retaliation lawyer or other skilled employment attorney in NYC, North Carolina, or South Carolina, please contact us to schedule a private consultation. We welcome in-person appointments and also offer video conferencing for remote clients.


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