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Laura Noble is a certified mediator who concentrates her mediation practice in employment law. Before becoming a mediator, Laura was a litigator for 25 years with diverse experience in civil litigation, counseling, and negotiation. As an employment attorney, she has litigated on behalf of individuals with employment law claims and has acted as a trusted partner to business clients seeking advice, counsel, or neutral workplace investigations. Additionally, as a business owner herself, she understands the challenges of balancing company interests with the concerns of an individual who believes they may have been mistreated at work.

The distinctive benefit of mediation is that it allows the parties to select someone with specialized experience to help them resolve their dispute.  Given her extensive background in employment law litigation, Laura can provide parties with insight about the challenges of litigation as they consider a compromised resolution in lieu of litigation. As someone who’s participated in countless mediations during her career Laura brings perseverance and creative problem-solving to the table. She uses her deep understanding of employment disputes to facilitate discussions that lead to effective dispute resolution.

From claims of harassment and discrimination to disagreements over wages and classification, employment disputes can prove costly and time-consuming for all parties involved.  

They don’t have to… 

Mediation provides a means of resolving employment disputes that is often more amicable and less costly, helping disputing parties find common ground with the guidance of a neutral, third party mediator.  

The Noble Law offers the services of Laura Noble, a certified mediator with more than 25 years of experience handling employment law disputes from both sides. Laura and our skilled legal team provide trusted mediation services backed by a deep understanding of state and federal employment statutes and a propensity for creative problem-solving. 

Get in touch with The Noble Law today to learn more about how an experienced Charlotte employment law mediation attorney can help you resolve employment disputes in a cost-effective manner. 

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The Value of Neutrality in Employment Disputes 

Employment disputes are sensitive, personal and often contentious, and both sides can quickly become entrenched in their positions. A neutral, third-party mediator gives such disputes a fresh set of eyes, and can often identify common ground that was there all along, but hidden from sight. 

While disputing parties enter mediation with their own interests in mind, a mediator’s sole objective is to help them reach an agreement that is fair and that both sides can live with. 

A mediator equipped with a deep understanding of state and federal employment laws can help both sides understand how their cases are likely to hold up if they should ever come before a judge or jury. This detached, informed perspective can prove invaluable in helping parties reach an agreement before engaging in costly litigation. 

Exploring the Advantages of Employment Mediation 

Every situation is unique, but mediation often delivers a resolution that is: 

  • More cost-effective: Mediation is typically faster and less costly than traditional litigation. 
  • More amicable: Mediation encourages disputing parties to work together to find common ground, fostering open communication and preserving relationships to the greatest possible extent. 
  • Easier to live with: A decision handed down from a judge or jury may leave one party feeling like they were deprived of a fair outcome. In mediation, all parties involved play a role in reaching the resolution, and are more likely to see it as fair and binding. 
  • Flexible: While a court may render a rigid decision, a skilled mediator can help you customize a resolution using creative problem-solving strategies. 
  • Confidential: Unlike a public court hearing, what happens in mediation is not subject to outside scrutiny. 

There is a reason many businesses in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina have turned to mediation as a means of resolving employment disputes. Considering the onerous cost and time commitments of a protracted employment law trial, the benefits of mediation are hard to ignore. 

A Look Inside the Mediation Process 

Employment mediation is a flexible, informal process that typically begins with an introductory meeting and establishment of ground rules. These meetings often take place in conventional boardroom settings, but may also be held virtually. 

In the opening stages, each party has a chance to present their perspective on the dispute and provide documents supporting their claims. From there, the neutral, third-party mediator will lead the parties through an open communication process focused on creative problem-solving and finding common ground. 

The process may entail many sessions in which the parties separate and talk with the mediator, and then return again to the negotiating table. A successful outcome will result in a drafted agreement that ends the conflict and that both parties are satisfied with. 

A Broad Perspective on Employment Disputes 

The Noble Law has deep and broad experience handling employment law disputes, representing employees and employers as well as conducting workplace investigations. 

This broad perspective allows us to see disputes from all sides, including the employer, the employee and relevant state or federal bodies such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Bureau (REDB) in North Carolina. 

Armed with a deep understanding of relevant laws, we can provide authoritative advice to both parties about the strength of their positions. 

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Let Us Help 

Laura Noble and our mediation team are prepared to provide you with trusted and neutral mediation for a broad range of employment disputes, including those involving breach of contract, non-compete agreements, wage and hour disputes, and claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and other workplace violations. 

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