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You worked hard to rise to the level of executive and enjoy the salary, bonuses and benefits that come with your job title. At The Noble Law, we help with negotiating executive compensation – including salary, bonuses, stock options, retirement plans, and severance pay – as part of your employment agreement, and represent you in disputes over compensation during your employment or upon termination.  

Our Charlotte executive compensation attorneys can provide you with the advice and advocacy you need to protect—and maximize—the compensation you worked so hard to obtain. We are trusted and proven employment law leaders serving clients throughout North Carolina. 

Getting Everything You Deserve 

Companies are constantly competing to draw top talent into their offices and use executive compensation packages to attract the best of the best.  

Executive compensation takes many forms, from salary and bonuses to stock options and retirement plans. 

If you are seeking an executive position or have already been offered a role, know that your compensation package is not set in stone. You have every right to negotiate for the best possible terms, and an experienced employment law attorney can help you make the most of that opportunity. 

What an Executive Compensation Lawyer Can Do for You 

Whatever executive position you are seeking or currently occupy, we understand that reviewing and negotiating employment contracts is not likely part of your day-to-day experience. At The Noble Law, this is what we do every day.  

Our extensive experience in employment law has made us a trusted source of legal guidance for executives in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas. 

In drafting, reviewing and negotiating your executive employment contracts, we can help you: 

  • Negotiate for the best possible compensation 
  • Structure compensation packages that provide maximum tax advantages 
  • Protect your future by addressing potentially disadvantageous severance packages and restrictive non-compete agreements 
  • Identify and eliminate red flag language from proposed contracts 

A single oversight or vaguely worded clause can leave you with a sub-par contract that may cost you significant time, expense and worry in the future. At our firm, an experienced executive compensation lawyer in Charlotte can give you the peace of mind that your employment contract truly serves your best interests. 

Are You Maximizing Your Tax Advantages? 

Executive compensation has many facets, and may include: 

  • Base salary 
  • Performance-based bonuses 
  • Signing bonus 
  • Stock options 
  • Equity grants 
  • Relocation agreements  

How these elements are structured and how and when they are paid out can play a significant role in your tax burden for the calendar years you are employed and beyond. 

Stock options and other equity-based payments may be taxed at different times, depending upon the nature of the equity, the vesting period, the type of company and other factors.  

Our attorneys will communicate with you closely to gain an understanding of your current and future financial goals so we can negotiate for contracts that strike the right timing and maximize your tax advantages. 

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Resolving Disputes 

You may encounter disputes regarding executive compensation prior to, during, and after your employment. Our Charlotte executive compensation attorneys can represent your interests in any type of employment dispute, including those involving: 

  • Breach of contract: If your employer has not lived up to their end of your executive employment agreements, we can carefully analyze the language of the contract to determine what you are owed and what your options are. 
  • Non-compete agreements: A restrictive non-compete agreement can hamstring your career after a departure. Our lawyers can determine if your existing non-compete agreements are likely to hold up in court, as well as help you establish new agreements that allow for unfettered post-departure career advancement. 
  • Discrimination and harassment: No employee is safe from discrimination and harassment, no matter how high they have risen on the corporate ladder. The Noble Law stands firmly with victims of workplace civil rights violations. 

Our knowledge of state and federal employment laws and successful track record of success allow us to negotiate from a position of strength. When the opposing party refuses to accept a reasonable settlement, we are  prepared for employment litigation in court. 

Let Us Handle the Legal Details 

Our lawyers are here to take the burden of executive contract negotiations and disputes off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us today to learn more about how our legal team can protect your interests in establishing, negotiating and litigating executive employment contracts. 

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