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Hire an experienced external investigator.

If you run a Fortune 500 company, nonprofit, or municipality, and you face claims of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, you should consider hiring a professional third-party workplace investigator.

Our Managing Partner and Litigation Attorney are AWI Certificate Holders and members of the Association of Workplace Investigators. AWI is a professional membership association for those who conduct and manage workplace investigations.

At The Noble Law, our deliver timely and trusted advice for workplace complaints.  We conduct comprehensive, objective investigations ensuring that employers can have confidence that the findings are credible and free from accusations of bias that internal investigations sometimes experience.  The Noble Law workplace investigators bring the legal knowledge, interviewing skills, legal analysis, and comprehensive report findings to workplace investigations relating to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and whistleblower policies, among others.

When you need trusted counsel for workplace disputes, The Noble Law is uniquely positioned to help. Through independent investigations, we provide a reliable understanding of the facts, assess risk, and provide legal guidance for addressing the issues at hand as well as best practices moving forward. Our experienced attorneys provide legal services in North Carolina and South Carolina.

When an employee reports discrimination, harassment, or other unlawful conduct at work, their employer is required by law to conduct an investigation. Handling such investigations is a complex, time-consuming process, and missteps can expose the company (and even individual executives and managers) to significant risk and liability.  

This is where the services of a trusted and impartial Charlotte workplace investigations attorney come into play. 

The Noble Law takes the burden of internal investigations off the hands of businesses in North Carolina by conducting thorough, impartial reviews designed to stand up to the closest scrutiny.  

Our team relies on their vast expertise and includes individuals certified by the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI), a national organization committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of impartial workplace investigations. Our reputation among employers and employees in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina gives our third-party investigations credibility. Our experience handling complex employment law claims helps us resolve disputes in a fair and cost-effective manner. 

The Benefits of Proper Workplace Investigations 

Workplace investigations are designed to gather facts and information in response to a complaint or allegation. Situations that may warrant such an investigation include claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, safety violations, fraud, misappropriation, and other unlawful acts. 

A properly conducted investigation can help you: 

  • Understand the strength and merit of the claim 
  • Choose the best course of action for responding to the claim 
  • Foster trust and positive relations between employees and management 
  • Prevent similar situations from arising in the future 
  • Establish credibility with future potential arbiters  

An improperly conducted investigation can expose you to liability on two fronts—the initial claim, and your response to it. Hiring an experienced firm to carry out an independent investigation can reduce your risk of exposure to such liability. 

Why Are External Workplace Investigations Better? 

You can entrust your workplace investigation to your HR department or other internal team, but this approach comes with potential pitfalls. Employees summoned to testify may be reluctant to speak freely if they are under the impression their employment depends upon giving the “right answer.” No matter how impartial and professional your internal team is, the mere suspicion of bias could cast lasting doubt on the investigation’s findings. 

With an impartial Charlotte workplace investigations attorney handling your review, you can avoid such misgivings. If this dispute eventually reaches the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Bureau, or other government body—or even a judge or jury—every aspect of your internal investigation will be scrutinized closely.  

A record of a clear, thorough and impartial investigation can only bolster your credibility. 

Role of a Charlotte Workplace Investigations Attorney 

We will handle all aspects of your workplace investigation, including reviewing the claim, interviewing witnesses, examining your existing training and protocols, and preparing a detailed report. 

The visibility of a neutral and competent investigation is important throughout this entire process. Employees must be confident that the investigator they are working with is seeking the facts and the truth, and not simply marking off due diligence checklists. 

Moving forward, we can draw upon our findings to recommend courses of action regarding disciplinary measures, litigation strategies, and changes to your policies and practices. 

A Valuable Perspective on Employment Disputes 

Claims involving harassment, discrimination and other workplace violations can prove very sensitive, and require the services of an investigator who is attuned to the personal and cultural issues involved. 

As a leading Charlotte employment law firm, we offer employers a valuable perspective when addressing workplace violations. We routinely handle these cases from the employee’s side, giving us the ability to identify potential vulnerabilities in our clients’ defense of employment claims.  

Our history of protecting employees’ rights also gives us credibility with the witnesses we speak to when conducting workplace investigations, as well as the employees who file the underlying complaints. 

Gain the Benefits of Working With Experienced Workplace Investigators 

The Noble Law is here to help you overcome today’s challenges, while reducing your exposure to workplace lawsuits in the future. In conducting thorough and impartial workplace investigations, we help companies build trust with employees, creditability with regulatory agencies, and harmonious cultures that reduce the likelihood of future disputes. 

Contact us to learn how an experienced Charlotte employment law attorney can help you. 

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Confidential, Credible, and Unbiased Workplace Investigations

In addition to conducting workplace investigations, The Noble Law also represents employees in cases involving unlawful employment practices. If you are interested in speaking with a workplace retaliation lawyer or other skilled employment attorney in North Carolina, or South Carolina, please contact us to schedule a private consultation. We welcome in-person appointments and also offer video conferencing for remote clients.


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