Laura Noble is a member of the Workplace Investigations Group Directory (WIG). WIG Directory of Attorney Workplace Investigators applicants must meet or exceed the following qualification criteria:

• Minimum of 10 years experience in employment law.
• J.D. from an accredited law school.
• Have professional liability insurance.
• Experience in conducting 10+ internal workplace investigations or comparable relevant experience or training.
• Be an attorney in good standing in at least one jurisdiction.

All of the attorney workplace investigators included in the WIG Directory of Expert Workplace Investigators have agreed to support their responsibilities to the professional and impartial workplace investigations process and the parties that they serve. The responsibilities inherent in the role of a professional and impartial workplace investigator include:

• Impartiality
• Commitment to impartiality and objectivity.
• Ability to evaluate and apply legal and business principles.
• Judgment and Reputation
• Held in the highest regard by peers for integrity, fairness and good judgment.
• Dedicated to upholding the Guiding Principles of the Association of Workplace Investigators.
• Ability to thoroughly and impartially evaluate witnesses and other information obtained during the investigation.

As a Workplace Investigator Laura can:

  • Respond seamlessly, as if your workplace had a dedicated internal investigator
  • Eliminate actual conflicts of interest and minimizes perceived conflicts of interest in the process
  • Help the employer’s regular legal counsel to avoid potential conflicts being an advocate vs. being a witness
  • Bring fresh eyes to a situation and may help mitigate retaliation claims and/or help employers arrive at tangible and permanent solutions where problems exist
  • Take employees out of the middle so that ongoing employee relationships can be maintained
  • Help employers avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest created by using internal resources and individuals
  • Provide unbiased, factual, accurate and independent reports so that employers can make informed decisions

Let Laura’s experience in the field, knowledge of employment law and commitment to impartial investigation work for you.