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Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Employees can find themselves on either side of a breach of employment contract. We represent executives that have an employment agreement or sales plan that the employer has signed but failed to uphold. We understand that these situations can have devastating financial implications for executives that have upheld their performance goals, but have been inadequately compensated for their contributions in violation of their contract.
Breach of contract can be emotionally painful experiences, but on the upside, the fact that there is a contract provides documentation of the agreement. We are occasionally stunned by the ignorance and arrogance of a company to simply refuse to honor the terms of a good faith contract. Sure – we get it – business can be hyper-competitive. Personalities and agendas can influence company culture. However, the law doesn’t see it that way.
At The Noble Law Firm, we like our chances representing clients with a clear breach of contract issue. When a company has clearly committed to the terms of an agreement and doesn’t follow through, we do. We won’t tolerate a company bullying an executive because they out-performed expectations or they realized that they cut a bad deal.

Employment contracts, bonus plans, severance agreements, sales plans, and non-competes can be complicated and even emotional negotiations. As trusted executive compensation advisors, we help you secure the best terms possible.

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