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Laura Noble is a certified mediator who concentrates her mediation practice in employment law. Before becoming a mediator, Laura was a litigator for 25 years with diverse experience in civil litigation, counseling, and negotiation. As an employment attorney, she has litigated on behalf of individuals with employment law claims and has acted as a trusted partner to business clients seeking advice, counsel, or neutral workplace investigations. Additionally, as a business owner herself, she understands the challenges of balancing company interests with the concerns of an individual who believes they may have been mistreated at work.

The distinctive benefit of mediation is that it allows the parties to select someone with specialized experience to help them resolve their dispute.  Given her extensive background in employment law litigation, Laura can provide parties with insight about the challenges of litigation as they consider a compromised resolution in lieu of litigation. As someone who’s participated in countless mediations during her career Laura brings perseverance and creative problem-solving to the table. She uses her deep understanding of employment disputes to facilitate discussions that lead to effective dispute resolution.

There is more than one way to resolve an employment dispute. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method that is often more effective than traditional litigation. In the context of employment disputes, mediation can help you find common ground and avoid the costly, time consuming, and relationship-destroying hazards of a protracted legal battle. 

An employment law attorney at The Noble Law can provide trusted mediation services for a broad range of employment law disputes. Led by Laura Noble, a certified mediator with more than 25 years of civil litigation experience, we can provide you with the experienced, dependable, and neutral mediation services you need to resolve your employment law disputes in a favorable and cost-effective manner. 

Understanding How Mediation and Employment Law Disputes Work  

In the mediation process, disputing parties meet with a neutral, third-party mediator who helps them find common ground and resolve legal disputes through a process that emphasizes communication, collaboration and creative problem solving. 

The role of an employment law mediator is not to advocate for either side, but rather to observe an employment dispute from a detached perspective that allows for a reasoned approach to problem solving. 

A mediator who is well versed in federal and North Carolina employment statutes and related case law can help disputing parties gauge how their cases would likely play out if they ever reached a judge or jury. This informed perspective can help move parties from unbudging positions and guide them toward compromised solutions with which they can be content. 

How Can Mediation Benefit You? 

A Raleigh employment law mediator at The Noble Law can help you seize the advantages of this dispute resolution method. While every situation is unique, mediation often provides a process that is: 

  • Faster: Traditional litigation can drag on for months, even years, while a dispute moves through the layers of the court system. Mediation can move much faster, provided both parties are engaged and ready to work together to find a resolution. 
  • Less costly: The time saving benefits of mediation often translate to a more cost-effective process as well. The expenses of a drawn-out employment law dispute in court can prove enormous, which makes mediation an attractive option for all parties involved.
  • More flexible: Decisions handed down by courts are rigid, while mediation allows for more creative problem solving. With the flexibility of the mediation process, the mediator can often guide disputing parties to resolutions that would not have been possible without the communication and collaboration inherent in the mediation process. 
  • More amicable: Scorched earth legal battles are rarely in anyone’s best interests, especially in an employment law dispute in which parties want to preserve working relationships to the greatest extent possible. The collaborative nature of mediation helps disputing parties resolve their disagreements without causing unnecessary bad blood.
  • Less public: A public trial can hurt the reputations and interests of everyone involved, including employees, businesses, witnesses and more. Mediation is private therefore it protects the dispute and the people involved from public scrutiny.  

Generally, disputing parties have more control over mediation than they do in a traditionally litigated employment law dispute. Because everyone has a stake in finding a workable solution, both sides are typically happier with the outcome and less likely to feel they received an unfair result.  

A Full-Service Employment Law Firm That Provides Mediation Services 

The Noble Law brings a wide perspective on employment law disputes to our practice. Established in 2009, our experience seeing employment law issues from both sides allows us to help disputing parties view their cases from a wider distance, identify unreasonable expectations and move toward cost-effective and amicable resolutions. 

An employment law attorney at The Noble Law can advocate for you in the mediation process or serve as the neutral, third-party facilitator you need to make the process successful for you. 

Seize the Benefits of Employment Law Mediation 

An experienced Raleigh employment law attorney at The Noble Law is here to provide you with the skilled dispute resolution services you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how mediation can help you resolve your employment law disputes. Or feel free to stop into our office location to speak with one of our attorneys in person.   




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