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Companies in Raleigh want to attract and retain top talent. Because this region is so desirable for high-tech, healthcare, banking, telecommunications, and other top industries, competition for the best and the brightest is fierce. As an executive, you know the crucial role that the terms of an executive compensation contract play in your decision to join a company or renew your contract.  

An experienced employment law attorney at The Noble Law will protect your rights while negotiating the most favorable executive compensation terms. If disputes arise over your compensation during your employment or if you are terminated, we will represent you.  

Always have your executive compensation package reviewed by an attorney before signing. Contact us at our North Carolina offices to get started.  

Executive Compensation in the Triangle 

In the competitive Research Triangle job market, executive compensation is a key factor when it comes to attaining and retaining top talent. According to Salary.com,  the average Chief Executive Officer in Raleigh made $809,580 as of December 2023. CEO salaries in the 90th percentile in Raleigh reached $1,255,688.  

The Expertise of Executive Compensation Lawyers in Raleigh  

Our attorneys’ expertise in structuring and managing equitable compensation agreements makes all the difference in client satisfaction. We deal with every aspect of executive compensation, including: 

  • Retirement benefits  
  • Severance plans  
  • Non-compete agreement terms  
  • Short-term and long-term incentive pay  
  • Stock options 
  • Bonuses 
  • Company cars  
  • And other perks  

Our services are comprehensive, and we will structure and manage an equitable compensation agreement protecting your best interests. We also ensure your package complies with all federal and North Carolina employment laws and regulations.  

Tailoring Compensation Packages for Success 

Executive compensation packages are not one-size-fits-all. We customize executive compensation packages to meet the specific needs of the executives and organizations within the Research Triangle.  

For instance, an attorney at The Noble Law might negotiate a retention-based cash bonus for an executive deciding to stay at their current company. After all, replacing top executives results in major costs for companies. A “stay” bonus is a win-win for both the client and their organization.  

Tax and Financial Optimization 

We tailor executive compensation packages with tax implications and financial optimization in mind. That may include stock options, equity grants, bonuses, and other benefits.  

For example, stock options generally fall into non-qualified and incentive categories. Gains from the former are taxed as ordinary income, while gains from the latter may qualify for taxation at a preferential rate.  

We will review the different types of equity compensation you may receive as part of your package and the ways this compensation is taxed, including the vesting schedule and selling restrictions.   

At The Noble Law, we ensure that your executive compensation package complies with securities and labor laws, and we can provide region-specific tax planning strategies.  

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Conflict Resolution and Dispute Management 

There is always the potential for conflicts and disputes when it comes to executive compensation agreements. Your contract should state clearly how disputes must be resolved.  

If such disputes arise, our executive compensation attorneys will negotiate the relevant issues. If necessary, we will take your case to court.  

Contact a Raleigh Executive Compensation Attorney 

At The Noble Law, we share your goal of obtaining the executive compensation package you deserve. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your proposed employment contract or issues you are having with your current contract. Contact us at our office location 


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