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North Carolina False Claims Act Lawyer

The Noble Law Firm has your back in the workplace. Our North Carolina False Claims team is prepared to take the lead on everything from reporting wrongdoing at your company to protecting your legal rights and filing for damages. At The Noble Law Firm, our sole focus is employment. This makes us uniquely positioned to understand how employees can be at risk for coming forward when they learn that their company is defrauding the government.

We have worked with the government in False Claims Act cases and know what they expect and how they value whistleblower cooperation. Our North Carolina employment attorneys emphasize integrity, client empathy, and communication. Schedule a consultation with a whistleblower lawyer from The Noble Law Firm today.

North Carolina False Claims Act Lawyer

When you become aware of workplace fraud against the State of North Carolina or the Federal Government, you want to do the right thing but may fear retaliation. The whistleblower retaliation lawyers of The Noble Law Firm are knowledgeable in Federal and North Carolina qui tam law. A qui tam action may protect your career, hold your employer accountable, and compensate you for losses incurred as a result of the legal ordeal.

What is the False Claims Act?

The Federal False Claims Act and the North Carolina False Claims Act empower employees to report employers that cheat the government. These laws protect whistleblowers from retaliation and entitle them to a monetary reward. These monetary rewards can range from 15% to 30% of the amount recovered from the defendant, depending on whether the government intervenes in the action.

Prohibited Acts Under the North Carolina and Federal False Claims Acts include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting a false claim to the government for payment
  • Purchasing an unauthorized debt from a government agent
  • Making a false record of an obligation to pay money to the government.

In general, the most common False Claims Act violations typically involve fraudulent claims for payment and the creation of false records.

Types of False Claims Act Lawsuits and Qui Tam Actions

Private citizens may bring qui tam suits under the Federal and State False Claim Acts. A private citizen, as a qui tam plaintiff (also called a “relator”), may bring a qui tam suit on behalf of the government by suing the violating entity in the name of the Attorney General. During the first 120 days after the action is filed, only the judge and the Attorney General can see the lawsuit.

The North Carolina Attorney General may then intervene in the action and investigate the alleged violations. In addition, a qui tam lawsuit has protections for the whistleblower, including protection against retaliation for “blowing the whistle” and a monetary reward if the case is successful.

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At The Noble Law firm’s North Carolina offices, serving Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, we counsel clients on becoming a qui tam plaintiff in a False Claims Act lawsuit. Our goals are to maximize your monetary reward and protect your rights. We respect you for wanting to do the right thing. The law is on your side; so is The Noble Law Firm. Call us now for a consultation.




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