Sexual Harassment Law 2020 Update in New York

In 2020, the state of New York took a progressive stance on laws regarding sexual harassment and domestic violence through new legislation outlining unlawful discriminatory practices. In this week’s audio blog, employment law attorney and partner at The Noble Law, Cathryn Harris-Marchesi, reviews these recent changes to New York state law.

Do you need legal assistance with an employment matter related to sexual harassment?

At The Noble Law, our sexual harassment attorneys listen and respond to sexual harassment victims with the consideration they deserve. If you believe you have been wrongfully treated in your workplace, reach out by scheduling a consultation in your area. We provide videoconferencing consultations for individuals in New York and North Carolina. To get in touch, call our Charlotte office at 704.626.6648, Triangle office at 919.251.6008, or New York office at 212.662.6500. Additionally, you can schedule your consultation online on our website for New York or North Carolina.

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