Non-Compete Agreements in North Carolina

Employment attorney Laura Noble kicks off our new Noble Notes audio blog series with a discussion on non-compete agreements in North Carolina.

To be considered eligible in North Carolina, non-compete agreements must be in writing, reasonable in time and territory, of valuable consideration, and for the company’s legitimate business interests.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Are non-compete agreements enforceable in North Carolina?
  • Who decides whether a non-compete agreement can be enforced?
  • What should you do before signing a non-compete agreement?
  • What should you expect when meeting with an attorney to review a non-compete agreement?
  • What is the difference between a non-solicitation agreement and non-compete agreement?
  • How does an employer prove a breach of a non-compete agreement?
  • What are your options if you’ve signed a non-compete agreement that you now believe is unfair?
  • How does your location and your employer’s location affect your non-compete agreement?

Do you need legal personal assistance on an employment matter related to a non-compete agreement?

If you have been provided a new non-compete agreement and would like an attorney to review, or if you feel you are stuck in an agreement that you feel is unfair, reach out to the employment law attorneys at The Noble Law. We provide videoconferencing consultations for individuals in New York and North Carolina. To get in touch, call our Charlotte office at 704.626.6648, Triangle office at 919.251.6008, or New York office at 212.662.6500. Additionally, you can schedule your consultation online on our website for New York or North Carolina.

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