What to Expect at a Consultation

If you’ve never met with an attorney before (or even if you have), you’re probably wondering what to expect at the consultation you’ve scheduled with an employment attorney.

You should expect that the attorney will:

  1. Introduce herself or himself and tell you a little about her or his background;
  2. Explain that the content of your meeting will remain confidential and are protected by the attorney-client privilege as long as you do not disclose the content to third parties;
  3. Explain that the purpose of the consultation is for the attorney to assess your facts to determine whether legal or practical solutions will address the issue you’re facing and whether the attorney will be able to assist you;
  4. Explain that sometimes consultation advice may not be what you want to hear, but that there is great value in having had an attorney assess the comparative strengths and weaknesses of your position;
  5. Ask you what your goals are;
  6. Ask you questions that are targeted to elicit information that will assist the attorney in providing you with sound advice;
  7. Allow you to ask questions that you may have about her background, experience, the law firm, or your issues, and to express any concerns you may have; and
  8. Provide you with advice regarding the particular issue you are having and explain the reasons she believes you should or should not retain the firm to pursue remedies.

If your attorney advises that you should move forward, it is still your choice whether you wish to do so or not.  If you wish to move forward by hiring the attorney, the attorney will draft a client services agreement that you will sign and return to the firm.  That agreement binds you and the attorney mutually to cooperate to resolve the specific matter listed within the agreement.

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