Stand Up for Workers PAC

As part of her efforts to catalyze positive changes in employment law and society, managing partner Laura Noble serves on the board of directors of Stand Up for Workers, a political action committee focused on defending and expanding the basic rights of the American worker. The group strives to elect representatives who support legislation regarding those rights, from fair wages to equitable and dignified treatment in the workplace.  

One of the key components of the group’s work is to ensure that workers have access to “justice and meaningful remedies”, something that Laura is deeply familiar with at The Noble Law. Her firsthand experience with matters like workplace retaliationsexual harassment, and discrimination informs her focus and brings valuable perspective to Stand Up for Workers. 

Fight for Worker’s Rights

The fight for worker rights has been an integral part of American history, and that work to level the playing field for all employees continues today. Stand Up for Workers is dedicated specifically to the needs and concerns of working people, and Laura is excited to find another avenue where she can work to further that cause.  

About The Noble Law

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