Laura Noble discusses challenges facing sexual harassment survivors in the Carolinas with WBTV

May 15, 2018

In the WBTV article, “Why many women aren’t able to file sexual harassment lawsuits in North Carolina,” Laura Noble discusses the legal road blocks many women in the state face when trying to report sexual harassment.

Laura Noble with Molly Grantham on WBTV

Since the #MeToo era began, the Noble Law Firm has seen a 500% increase in calls from women claiming sexual harassment in their workplace. Despite making the decision to report the harassment, though, there are often limitations in the law that prevent these women from taking legal action.

“Awareness is there,” Laura told WBTV. “The problem is that state laws – in particular, the Carolinas, haven’t kept up with where I think the national mindset is in the workplace.”

Laura discussed two major challenges facing women in North Carolina: the six-month statute of limitations on filing sexual harassment claims under Federal law and the fact that North Carolina has no specific state law against sexual harassment.

Laura noted sexual harassment is, in fact, not actually about sex, but rather about an assertion of power.

“Study after study has shown it’s based on power,” she said. “CEO’s of companies don’t usually get harassed.

Noble offered advice to any woman who feels she is being sexually harassed in the workplace. She encourages them to document everything, tell a trusted ally or mentor and follow the guidelines set in employee handbooks.

“And remember,” she emphasized. “The time for filing your claim is only six months.”

Read the full WBTV article here.

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