Workplace Discrimination in South Carolina

Facing a workplace discrimination-related legal matter is daunting. Knowing your local resources is the best starting place for seeking a resolution. Many states, such as South Carolina, have their own commissions that provide supplemental protections to employees in addition to federal law.

Types of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination includes different or less favorable treatment of an employee because of the employee’s race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, pregnancy, and sexual orientation), or genetic information. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is not uncommon. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), 61,331 charges of discrimination were filed with the EEOC in 2021 alone.  That number does not include charges filed with state agencies.  

South Carolina Human Affairs Commission

If you have experienced workplace discrimination issues with your employer, you may be able to resolve them through internal complaint procedures. Sometimes, however, internal processes are not available or do not work. The next step is to reach out to the EEOC or an agency in your state with a similar agenda. Laws specific to the state in which you work may protect you from types of discrimination beyond those in federal legislation. In South Carolina, the state agency is called the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (“SCHAC”). It is important that you reach out to one of these government entities, in order for your case to be considered in court if necessary. 

Filing with a Government Agency

Reaching out and ultimately filing a charge of discrimination with an agency requires adherence to strict deadlines for filing and complying with investigative requests. While you can file a complaint, known as a “charge” without assistance from an attorney, the process often requires interviews with the agency, document production, and other processes with tight deadlines and important implications. Having an experienced employment attorney guiding you through the process from the beginning will benefit you and your case tremendously. 

At the Noble Law, we can offer our extensive experience and knowledge to help you navigate government agencies like the EEOC and SCHAC. If you an employee in South Carolina and are experiencing discrimination at the workplace, reach out to our team and discuss your situation. You can schedule a consultation here, or by calling the appropriate office below.

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