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Despite legislative and societal efforts over the past decades, many women are still held back by the unspoken limits of a glass ceiling at their place of work. The Noble Law is dedicated to correcting the South Carolina gender pay gap, one client at a time. We provide litigation services and legal counseling to women who have been subjected to discriminatory and illegal practices at work regarding pay, promotions, bonuses, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Pay gap cases can be complicated matters, requiring a nuanced understanding of the evidence needed to meet the requirements of the laws, such as the Equal Pay Act. Reach out today to our South Carolina equal pay lawyer for a consultation.

Glass Ceiling in the South Carolina Workplace

Despite the enactment of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, and other legislative attempting to discourage glass ceilings, they still exist and are an issue for many women today. The “glass ceiling” refers to illegal discriminatory practices that create an invisible barrier to career advancement for women, keeping them out of high-level positions and generally resulting in lower pay for women compared to male colleagues.

While the South Carolina Human Affairs Law prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability, it does not specifically mention equal pay. Under the Equal Pay Act, however, federal law requires equal pay for jobs that require substantially equal responsibility, skill, and effort.

State and federal sex discrimination laws provide remedies for women who have been held back unfairly due to discriminatory policies at work. If your career trajectory has been negatively impacted because of your sex, speak with a gender discrimination lawyer at The Noble Law to discuss your rights.

Gender Pay Gap in South Carolina

The pay gap along gender lines is particularly bad in South Carolina, with women earning 20% less than men on average. Within specific industries, women earned 45% less than men in legal occupations, 35% less as medical scientists, and 34% less as financial managers.

With numbers like this consistently showing issues of pay gaps, particularly within professional industries involving attorneys and scientists, the widespread existence of glass ceilings is impossible to deny. If you are not being compensated equally to similarly-situated male employees, the team at The Noble law is here to help in any way we can.

Is Your Career in South Carolina Being Hampered by a Glass Ceiling?

The unspoken limitations of a glass ceiling can come in many forms, some more obvious than others. Fortunately, women who are discriminated against in the workplace based on their sex have the right to pursue redress for:

  • Unequal or discriminatory compensation practices
  • Failure to promote and/or demotion
  • Discriminatory job classifications or assignments
  • Failure to afford training opportunities
  • Failure to hire
  • Exclusion from business opportunities (i.e., client entertainment)
  • Wrongful termination

If any of the above has become an issue for you, speak with a gender pay gap lawyer to have your questions answered and to prepare next steps for restitution.

How to Prove Your Glass Ceiling Case in South Carolina

Sex discrimination in the workplace can be established in multiple ways. First, how you have been treated by the company in light of your work history can demonstrate hostility on the part of your employers. Second, a qualified attorney can help gather evidence to show a pattern of discriminatory behavior against an entire class of employees. One individual’s “glass ceiling” case could even lead to a bigger lawsuit brought by numerous employees who were subjected to similar mistreatment.

A plaintiff in a glass ceiling lawsuit will need to show that she is qualified for the job and met all of the requirements for the position. She will also have to show that she was treated differently from men on the job and that this discriminatory treatment hindered her career.

The gender discrimination team at The Noble Law will obtain your employment records and other documentation that will help build your case. We also handle other types of discovery, including depositions of supervisors, co-workers, and company representatives.

Speak With a South Carolina Gender Wage Gap Lawyer Today

As a firm owned by women, The Noble Law understands the unique career pressures our clients face due to gender discrimination. If you feel that your career has been wrongfully stalled by a glass ceiling in South Carolina, schedule a consultation to speak with one of our experienced equal pay lawyers today.


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