Third-Party Workplace Investigation

When an internal complaint is lodged, employers are legally obligated to conduct a workplace investigation to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. There is no doubt that a workplace investigation can take a toll on employees and the work environment. Even once an investigation is completed, distrust and frustration may remain. An impartial workplace investigation conducted by a third party serves as an essential tool for organizations dealing with internal accusations of discrimination or sexual harassment.

Third-party investigators ensure two key outcomes. First, the individuals involved can have confidence that they will be heard fully and treated fairly throughout the process. Second, employers receive an unbiased assessment of the claims that provides a full understanding of what has transpired. The Noble Law provides third-party workplace investigations that accomplish these goals.

Our workplace investigators are certified through the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI). This accredited certificate program tests individuals on their interviewing skills, analysis, and report-writing skills. The AWI training process provides certificate holders with a grounding in the essential components of workplace investigation, like acknowledging and avoiding bias, analyzing evidence in accordance with relevant laws, and ensuring that an investigation maintains credibility with key stakeholders.

This baseline informs how The Noble Law proceeds in our engagement with an organization. Generally, this process begins with a review of both the allegations and of relevant policies, training, and reporting procedures in place. Then, the third-party investigator will conduct extensive interviews with key witnesses. Throughout this process, our team maintains internal protocols to preserve the integrity and impartiality of the situation. These safeguards protect employers from the legal liability of a flawed or biased investigation.

Once the workplace investigation is complete, The Noble Law presents an oral summary of what was established as fact regarding the allegation. This presentation (and the subsequent written report on the matter) includes recommendations about appropriate corrective or disciplinary measures that should be taken, as well as improvements that can be made relating to management and employee training on relevant workplace policies and practices.

Ultimately, allegations of workplace misconduct need to be thoroughly investigated by a third-party workplace investigator. These allegations are likely serious and can have meaningful consequences for employee and employer alike. Additionally, while a swift response to an allegation is critical to accurately assess the incident and protect an organization from legal liability, many organizations do not have the bandwidth or resources to investigate an allegation thoroughly while continuing regular work.  A third-party workplace investigation protects employees, the organization, and the organization’s brand. To reach out to The Noble Law and discuss your workplace investigation needs, click here.

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