Third Party Workplace Investigation Q&A

Employers are required under the law to conduct a workplace investigation upon receipt of an employee’s workplace complaint, and the findings of this investigation may determine whether that employer is liable for workplace misconduct. Third party investigators can provide a thorough and objective report from a neutral perspective, which is often in the best interest of the employer, as well as a comfort to their employees.

Hiring an attorney as your third party investigator can provide confidentiality agreements for involved witnesses, protecting them against potential retaliation. Additionally, the employer will benefit from attorney-client privilege, meaning the findings of the investigation can remain confidential between the third party investigator and employer. Whereas, should an employer choose to conduct a workplace investigation with their internal Human Resources team, that report may be found discoverable in potential future litigation.

Managing Partner and employment attorney Laura Noble further explains the benefits and process of conducting a neutral third party workplace investigation in this week’s audio blog.

Can a neutral third party investigator help your workplace investigation?

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