What Is a Workplace Investigation, and Why Is It Important to Have a Third Party Investigate It?

Great strides have been made in protecting the value of vulnerable groups in the workplace. As a result, increasing numbers of claims involving sexual harassment and workplace discrimination are made due to the alleged misconduct of employers, supervisors, and coworkers. While much of this change is a societal good, the fact remains that false allegations, as well as the failure to adequately respond to legitimate complaints of wrongdoing, can both damage a business’s reputation and negatively impact company culture. This is why workplace disputes must be fully and impartially investigated to get at the whole truth and arrive at a fair resolution. A third-party investigation ensures that the findings are credible and free from any accusations of internal bias.

The Noble Law can provide a knowledgeable, neutral third-party investigation of workplace complaints. We will gather the relevant facts with discretion and professionalism, assess risk factors, and provide legal guidance for the best steps to take moving forward.

Why a Neutral Third-Party Attorney?

Our neutral investigators have a reputation for trustworthiness and are experienced in discretely handling sensitive details that can unduly damage your company’s reputation. Since we already have the skillsets required to perform a detailed yet efficient investigation, we can save you time and money. Our third-party investigators can step into a situation with no biases and prevent in-house attorneys from becoming witnesses, keeping your legal team together and free of conflicts.

We can provide accurate assessments regarding the calculation of potential damages, the strength of the case, and other factors essential to deciding between settling or going to litigation.

How Workplace Investigations Are Conducted

In responding to allegations, such as harassment in the workplace, an investigation by a third-party attorney can provide the information needed to mount a vigorous defense. In any employment lawsuit, judges, juries, and arbitrators will have questions regarding the quality of the evidence. This is why, when conducting interviews or performing other tasks, our attorneys tailor their investigation to make sure it stands up to close scrutiny. Key questions that will be asked include:

  • How was the investigation, such as interviews of stakeholders or witnesses, conducted?
  • What are the credentials of the investigator?
  • How thorough was the investigation?
  • Was the investigation performed in an unbiased manner?
  • What were the conclusions, and what points or defenses do they support?

Many of these questions can be answered to the court’s satisfaction with a workplace investigation by a party familiar with precisely what judges, juries, and arbitrators will look for and trust.

How The Noble Law Can Help

The experienced workplace investigators at The Noble Law can provide the outside, unbiased perspective required to give you a clear picture of your position and financial exposure. We also provide trustworthy information to courts and arbitrators. This requires legal skills, the ability to conduct interviews, and organizing the results for your legal team so that you can negotiate your best deal or form your best defense.

If your business faces allegations of workplace improprieties, schedule a consultation with third-party investigation professionals at The Noble Law.

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