Recovering Damages for Breaches of Your Executive Employment Contract 

If an employer breaches an employment contract, executives can receive compensatory damages which are equal to what they would have received if the contract had been honored. Sometimes, the employer is responsible for paying out the contract’s full price.  

At The Noble Law, we help clients protect their rights when an employer violates an executive employment contract by offering knowledgeable advice, communicating with employers to work out conflicts over contract terms, and / or filing a breach of contract lawsuit when warranted. We are your trusted counsel for workplace disputes and are ready to advocate for your rights.  

What Is the Difference Between Equitable Remedies and Legal Remedies? 

There are generally two categories of damages that you can seek if your executive employment contract was breached: 

  • Equitable remedies are ordered by the court to resolve the dispute. Possible examples include reforming the contract, reinstatement of the executive who has been wrongfully terminated, or canceling the contract.  
  • Legal remedies feature monetary damages, such as restitution or compensatory damages. Restitution focuses on how much the defendant benefited because you upheld your end of the contract. Compensatory damages are the amount you lost due to the breach. In addition, expectation damages are what you would have received had your contract not been breached. For example, if you were wrongfully terminated, you may receive the amount of your lost wages.  

Are There Limits to My Recovery? 

It is important to note that there are some limits to your recovery for breach of contract, and they include the following:  

  • You must have suffered some financial harm. In other words, you are unlikely to receive damages for emotional distress.  
  • If you had a duty to mitigate losses from the breach but failed to do so, the damages you receive may be reduced or denied.  
  • You must present evidence that you are entitled to damages.  
  • If you are an at-will employee, there may be some breaches for which you cannot receive financial compensation.  
  • If the damages you incurred were foreseeable when you formed the employment contract, you may not be able to recover those.  

What Can a Lawyer Do if My Executive Employment Contract Was Breached? 

Some employers may make a good-faith effort to remedy the breach of your contract. Other employers, however, may refuse a reasonable resolution when you bring it to their attention.  

An executive compensation lawyer from The Noble Law can investigate and build your case to prove that a breach did occur, establish the amount of your damages, communicate directly to the defendant’s attorney or employer, and work diligently to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. While most cases settle out of court, some do not, so trust that we have the experience, ability, and resources to take your case to trial if appropriate.  

At The Noble Law, We Affirm Your Right to Fair Treatment 

We focus exclusively on employment law. Our core tenets are collaboration, leadership, equity, empathy, integrity, and innovation—which summarizes our approach to each case. We are here to listen, understand, and support you. Do you believe that your executive employment contract has been breached? Call The Noble Law today to schedule a fully confidential consultation.  

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